Early February Pledges

More pledges! Keep them rolling in (:

Ben Gerber, from Troll In The Corner, wrote about #CreatorApprecationDay here: http://trollitc.com/2016/01/creator-appreciation-day-this-and-every-march/

And Robin David is lending his voice to this effort as well.


And the folks from the Mildly Alarming podcast are getting involved.

Speaking of the Mildly Alarming podcast, I got the opportunity to speak with them about what this effort is all about. You can hear the episode here: https://t.co/AmJwT9qcZH

More to come! It’s not too late to get involved. Just contact me on Twitter for details: twitter.com/the_FlyingSheep/


Mid-January Pledges

I’m excited to share three more pledges to write reviews on #CreatorAppreciationDay, the first weekend in March.




That’s a great question! If you’d like to join in, please tweet something like the above, or reach out on Twitter to get involved.



Pledges! December 2015

The bravest person in a movement isn’t the leader, it’s the first follower.


I’m indebted to these initial followers who have publicly pledged to write reviews for creators they admire.





Finally, of course, there’s my pledge to participate.


Of course, you can pledge too! Just follow the format outlined above, and I’ll include you in the next update.